Thoughts from silence.

Om Nama Shivaya!
22 June, 2020

Again, Om Nama Shivaya! Hello everyone, This is Nirmal Almara and I started this website as a journal for me to post my experiences on this spiritual journey that I'm on.

I worked as an IT engineer for the last 9 years building and designing softwares, but I got disillusioned and there was something missing in my life. I know what it is, but I was hiding it and faking my emotions most of the time by conforming to the society and the peer pressure I had.

As far as I can retain my memory, from my mid teenage years, I was involved and asking questions about - Why are we here and what is birth? What is the purpose? Is there anything that we need to do? Where are we going after this?

These sorts of questions are always there with me hidden deep as fire, but as said - I was just trying myself to hide it as I couldn't be able to figure it out by asking my friends and family. And I was just going with what they say.

This post has a date, so very recently - I had stopped what I was doing and asked myself if I've ever wanted to figure this out, then there is no better time than now.

And this website is created today for me to share what I'm going through further. Hope you are with me and stay tuned!